The Best Way To Improve Your Team, Is To Improve Yourself

Culpeper Soccer Club Coaching Toolbox

Welcome to the Culpeper Soccer Club Coaching Toolbox

This page is a tool for all of our Volunteer Coaches. We hope to provide you with everything you will need to run a successful practice session. We hope that with the tools provided, you will be able to step onto the practice field full of confidence.

Our Volunteer Coaches are a very important part of our Club, and it is our goal to provide you with every opportunity to have a successful season.

All the Tools You Need to Succeed

With practice plans, written activities, & videos available to you, you will have plenty of options to pick and choose the direction and framework of your practice plan. Our technical staff is also here to assist you! Whether it's answering a question, helping you address a specific situation, or even coming out to run or assist you in running a practice - we are here to help! All you have to do is ask.

First time coach? Not a problem! We will work with you and help you get the necessary training and tools to get you ready for your first season of coaching! Whether you are a former player, lifelong fan, or are falling in love with the game for the first time, we have your back and will be here every step of the way!

Technical Warm Ups and Finishing. It's all about footwork and setting a good foundation. Lots of touches, plenty of content, and lots of quality finishing activities. 

Passing / Possession Activities. Passing Activities for U8 - U14/16. Various activities, each with a different focus, all easy to manipulate for your team's needs.

Defending Activities. Various Defending Activities for U8 - U14/16. Everything from teaching the basics to high pressing. All in one place.

Complete Practice Plans. Full Practice Plans Consisting of a Technical Warm Up, Small Sided Game, Expanded S.S. Game, & More. Session Plans for U6 - U14/16 All in one place, no guess work. 

Coaching Education

Required for ALL CSC Volunteer Coaches:
Coaching Education For U6 - U10 Coaches:
Coaching Education For U10 - U14 Coaches:
  • NSCAA "Get aHead Safely in Soccer" Course
    • First interactive, online course developed to educate coaches on how to teach safer header techniques for players ages 11 - 13
    • Cost is Free & NSCAA Diploma upon completion
    • Get aHead Safely in Soccer Course

  • USSF 9v9 Course
    • Combined course designed for the next level of coaching, focused on the 9 - 12 year old player. 
    • Content highlights player development, principles of play, technique, & tactics with small-sided games
    • Cost is $45

CSC REC/Volunteer Coaching Education Incentive Plan

We honestly believe that the best way to improve your team is to improve yourself. We strongly believe in Coaching Education and, to encourage you invest in yourself, we have worked to develop an incentive plan that we feel is beneficial for everyone involved. 

Coaches will earn a CSC Voucher upon completion of a Coaching Education Course, which will be distributed at the end of the season Coaches Banquet.

  • Complete the CDC Concussion Certification & NSCAA "Get aHead Safely in Soccer" Courses & Receive a $10 CSC Voucher
  • Complete the US Youth Soccer "National F" Course & Receive a $25 CSC Voucher
  • Complete the VYSA F.U.N Module & Receive a $30 CSC Voucher
  • Complete the NSCAA 4v4 Diploma & Receive a $35 Voucher
  • Complete the NSCAA 7v7 & 9v9 Diploma & Attend 2 CSC Coaching Sessions throughout the season & Receive a $100 CSC Voucher 
  • Complete the US Youth Soccer "National E" Certification & Attend 2 CSC Coaching Sessions throughout the season & Receive a $150 CSC Voucher

Upcoming Culpeper Soccer Club In-House Coaching Courses

CSC will be hosting the following course this spring:

  • VYSA F.U.N Course
    • Date: TBD
    • Age Group: U6 - U8 & U8 - U10
    • Location: Culpeper Soccer Complex
  • NSCAA 4v4 Diploma
    • Date: TBD
    • Age Group: U6 - U8

To register or submit a voucher for your course, please contact the Technical Director, Dan Bales, at

Coach's Practice Plans

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Coaching Education