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SOCA Youth Skyline Club Soccer League (SCSL) Travel Program Rules of Play


Except as indicated in this summary, the SCSL Travel Program will use the international soccer rules as established by FIFA and set forth in the USSF annual publication, Laws of the Game, Guide to Procedures & Advise to Referees on the Laws of the Game.


The ball sizes and game duration for the various age groups are as follows:



# of



Penalty Kick







U11 & 12




8 yds.

10 yds.

U13 & 14




10 yds.

12 yds.

U15 & 16




10 yds.

12 yds.

U17 & 18




10 yds.

12 yds.










(Some age groups may vary from season to season and this will be noted on the referee assigning website)


  1. Exceptions

    Every player in the match will have a player pass. Guest players are allowed as long as they are from the same club. Referees must check passes for these games.
  3. 2- No jewelry of any kind may be worn (excluding corrective glasses.) Players who are wearing corrective glasses may be allowed to play at your discretion.  


  1. 3- Casts are permitted if properly padded.


  1. 4- All coaches, players, and spectators will remain eighteen (18) yards from the goal lines. Coaches and players are to take opposite sides of the field from the spectators. No coaching may take place from behind the goal lines. All coaches and spectators must remain at least one (1) yards from the touchline at all times.


  1. 5- Substitutions may be made with your consent, at the following times:
    1. Prior to a throw-in by the team in possession.
    2. Prior to a goal kick by either team.
    3. After a goal has been scored by either team.
    4. At the beginning of the second half of play.
    5. After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play.
    6. After the issuance of a caution, for the offending player, if the coach would like. Opposing team may also substitute an equal number of players.


Rev. 11/3/15


**** NEW FALL 2016 ****


Special U11 Division Rules and Procedures:

No heading is allowed in matches.
Whenever the ball strikes a player in the head, play is stopped.  The proper restart depends upon whether the player deliberately played the ball with his or her head.  If deliberate, the proper restart is an indirect free kick to the opposing team.  If this occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the end line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred.  If the play by the head is deemed inadvertent, then the proper restart is a dropped ball.

There will be no Goalkeeper punting or drop-kicking of the ball during play.  Goalkeepers may either distribute the ball with their hands or play the ball from the ground as a field player.

When a goalkeeper gains possession of the ball, all opposing players shall retreat behind an invisible build out line located roughly at the top of the center circle on the half of the field where the ball is.  Players may advance past this invisible restraining line once the ball is initially played.

The same build out line shall be used for opposing players on all goal kicks.

Goakeepers who have the ball in hand may appeal to the referee to move defenders back to the invisible build out line prior to restarting the play.  However, they may also restart the play quickly and don’t need to wait for players to retreat if they don’t want to.  As soon as the ball is released from the goalkeepers hands, even to drop the ball to their feet, it is considered live and defenders may advance.

If a ball is passed back to a goalkeeper and they are playing it with their feet, play is still live and defenders may defend as normal.  Only when a goalkeeper has the ball in hand or in the case of a goal kick must defenders retreat to the top of the center circle.

The restart for an illegal punting of the ball is to give the ball back to the goalkeeper’s hands for a redo from where the illegal punt occurred.

Consecutive illegal punts will result in a drop kick from the point of the punt.

Continued illegal punting or delay and/or refusal to retreat to the build out line may be punishable as unsporting behavior for delay of game.

There is no retreat rule in effect for free kicks even if taken from within the defensive box.  The standard ten yard allowance is to be enforced.

U11 Divisions will no longer record standings on the Skyline website or declare champions in order to put more focus onto player development.

In divisions where teams of different age groups are combined such as a U11/U12 division, the standard rules of play for the older teams are normally applied in the division.  Younger players and teams are considered to be playing up to the age group of the older team and the default age group rules are those of the oldest player.  As with half lengths and some other rules, the Skyline League will evaulate division compositions on an individual basis to determine if an exception to the standard age group default rules should be made.  The average age of the teams in the division will be considered and in cases where the predominance of players and teams in a division are of the younger (U11) age group, the no heading rules may be applied for that division.

All divisions will play by the same rules within their divison.  If a division is playing with no heading rules, those rules apply to all games including any potential U12 v U12 games that may occur within a divison.  The same is true for divisions that allow for heading but feature some younger teams playing up.  Rules are made by division and special rules will not be applied for individual teams that are in a divison or for individual players that may be playing up on an older team.  Referees are to apply the rules of each division consistently across all participants.


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